11 Contoh Recount Text Pilihan (Recount Text Example)

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Hallo teman – teman, kali ini penulis telah menyiapkan artikel tentang contoh recount text (teks recount) yang bisa anda gunakan. Jadi jika anda kesulitan dalam mengerjakan tugas membuat recount text, semoga ini bisa jadi solusinya 
Pada artikel yang lalu telah dibahas mengenai definisi recount text, tujuan recount teks, ciri-ciri recount text yang bisa dibaca di :

Berikut ini kumpulan contoh recount text singkat atau pendek (short recount text) :

1. Contoh recount text bertemu idola

Dibawah ini adalah contoh recount text (recount text example) beserta dengan penjelasan atau penjabaran generic strucuturenya

My experience met with taufik hidayat


Last sunday, there was Thomas cup badminton championship between Indonesa and China. It was held on Istora Gelora Bung Karno. I went to Istora Gelora Bung Karno with my Brother, Andi.


Before entering Istora Gelora Bung Karno, we looked the bus that took Indonesian badminton team players. I saw taufik Hidayat, Muhammad Ahsan, Hendra Setiawan, Hayom Rumbaka, Angga Pratama, Rian Agung, Simon Santoso, Sony Dwi Kuncoro and the other Indonesian badminton players in that bus. They were very handsome. Then, we followed that bus to main-entrance. I found that Taufik Hidayat left from the bus. When we wanted to get close to Taufik Hidayat, a security guard held me back. But, I thought that security guard was familiar because He was my old friend when I was senior high school, he was Andre. After that, he let me in, finally i could meet Taufik Hidayat and got his signature.


Then, I went back to my seat at the Istora stadium to support Indonesian team. The supporter was very crowded. They shouted “IN-DO-NE-SI-A” during the match.

2. Contoh recount text hari yang melelahkan

Very Tired Day

Last tuesday was a busy day for me. I spent my time to do a lot of activities from my senior high school to my home. I had no time to take a rest.

First, at the morning, I went jogging. After that I went to school to study until 3.00 pm. fom my school , I went to sanggarian sport hall to practice badminton until 8.00 pm. I practiced hard because that I felt very tired. After that, I went home. But when I would sleep, I remembered there was some homeworks that I had to do. I did my homeworks untill 11.40 pm. And finally I could take a rest in my bed.

Those activities made my day busy and I felt very tired.

3. Contoh recount text terlambat datang di sekolah

Came Late to school

Last wednesday, I came late to my school because I played playstation untill 2.00 am in the night. Because that I woke up late. 
I woke up about 6.30 am and the class would be began at 7.00 am. I ran to bathroom to take a bath. I usually had a breakfast after took a bath, but in that day I did not do that. 
I always went to school by my moyorcycle. But in that day, I forgot where I put the key. So, I went to the school by public transportion. It made me took a longer time. I arrived at school at 7.15 am, I ran to my class but I saw my teacher has stood in front of the class to teach. I entered to my class and of course my teacher was angry to me because I came late.
It was my bad experience and I hoped I would not do that again.

4. Contoh recount text Pengalaman pertama mengendarai mobil

My First Experience to Drive a car
Last year, when I was twenty years old, my oldest brother bought a car. That was Honda jazz RS. I wanted to know how to drive it. I persuaded my oldest brother to teach me to drive the car.But, my brother refused my request. He promised that he would teach me to drive the car about three or four years later, but I still whimpered. Finally, my brother accepted my request and he wanted to teach me to drive a car.Three days later, my brother and i went to the field to teach me how to drive a car. My brother was very patient to give me some directions. I was very nervous because that was my first time to drive a car . One week later, my family visited my grandmother in Bandung, about 4 hours from my home. Because that, I was alone at home. So, I had a opportunity to drive a car alone. I drove about 6 km but after that I got nervous and I lost my control because the street was narrow and I crashed the wall.After that I called my brother by phone to tell him about the accident. I imagined my brother would be angry. But the reality was exactly on the contrary, my brother was not angry. He just gave me some advices and since that accident, I promised I would always ask my brothre’s permission to drive him car.

5. Contoh recount text pertama kali naik kereta api

Travel on the train for the First Time
Last year, I was Eighteen years old. I had graduated from my senior high school and I wanted to continue my education in Yogyakarta. . . I lived with my family in Cirebon during eighteen years So, I would live alone there and it was new experience for me.
I went to yogyakarta by train, Before I came to the train station, I did not know how to check-in. All procedures were so new to me. Fotunately, a security guard helped me and gave me some directions to check-in. After that I entered to the train and sat on the chair.
I listened to the song and I was Really enjoy when I was in the train. After 5 hours in the train , finally I arrived in Yogyakarta. I would start my new life in yogyakarta. I was really excited to start my new adventure my new city.

Recount text tentang Holiday (example recount text about holiday)
Di bawah ini merupakan kelanjutan dari contoh recount text diatas tetapi pada bagian ini contoh recount text dikhususkan pada tema liburan (holiday). Di bawah ini terdapat beberapa contoh recount text tentang liburan (recount text holiday) yang bisa menjadi referensi anda.

6. Contoh recount text liburan di malaysia

Holiday In Malaysia
Last holiday, My family was on vacation. we went to Malaysia. We used travel agent to manage our holiday . We had booked two days tour in Malaysia. We went malaysia by plane. The travel agent had booked ticket for us. The flight was only one hour from Jakarta. On the plane the cabin crews were very friendly and they were very handsome and beautiful. They gave us some directions before the flight. Our plane, garuda Indonesia had very complete fasilities to accompany passanger during the journey, such as movies player, music player, newspaper, magazine, etc. We had a very pleasant flight. On arrival at Kuala Lumpur, we had to go to Customs and Immigration. The officers were pleasant. They checked the document carefully but their manners were very polite. After that, the travel agent brought us to Petronas Tower and took some photos there.In the afternoon, we went to hotel to take a rest. The hotel was a well-known five-star hotel. The room had perfect view of city. On the third floor, there was a restaurant serving American, african, Asian European food. They had variety of food.In the next day, we went to Sepang circuit to watch MotoGp race. I wanted to watch directly my idol Valentino Rossi and took photos with him. During the race, I was surprised because that was my first time I saw motorcycles ran fast up to 300 km/hour in front of my eyes. In the ending of the race, Rossi was the first rider who touched the finish line. I was so happy because he won.The two days in Malaysia went by fast. At the end of the second day, we were quite tired but we felt very happy.

7. Contoh recount text study tour di bogor dan bandung

Study Tour To Bogor and Bandung
I went to bogor with my teachers and my friends. It was a study tour actually. Study tour was held when I was junior high school. That was my first time I went to Puncak, Bogor. My teacher, my class friends, and I were in the same bus. We left our school at 10 p.m. trip to Puncak from Cirebon was about 7 hous.After 7 hours on the way, finally we arrived in Bogor. It was about 5.00 Am. We stopped in a mosque to pray first. Some of my friends took a bath in the mosque. But, I just brushed my teeth and washed my face because there was was so cold. It made me lazy to touch the water.After that, we went to a restaurant to have a breakfast. I was so hungry. Then, we went to Taman safari Bogor. We saw animal collection there. The animal collection was very complete. In taman safari, every Sunday there was an animal circus and fortunately we visited Taman safari on Sunday. So, we could watch the animal circus there. The animal circus was very funny and made us entertained. After watched the animal circus we went back to the bus and we we went to the villa to take a rest. In villa I and my friends swam together. In the next day, we left bogor to visit Bandung. The journey from Bogor to Bandung was abut 3 hours. Actually, it was a funny journey because I spent all of my time with my friends, like playing games, laughing, and kidding. But I felt that all of my tiredness gone all of sudden when we arrived at bandung. In Bandung, we visited Cihampelas. Cihampelas was a very busy street. There were so many factory outlet there. We used that moment to buy some clothes and souvenirs there. After From Cihampelas. We went home to our city. Study tour made me very tired, but I was very happy because I could spend many time with my friends.

8. Contoh recount text liburan singkat di Bandung

Dibawah ini adalah contoh recount text holiday beserta penjelasan generic structurenya :

My Holiday In Bandung
OrientationLast holiday, I went to Bandung with my friends, Asep. we spent our holiday there. we went to bandung by bus. The bus schedule from Indramayu was at 07.00 AM and arrived in Bandung at 11.30 AM 
EventsIn the first day, we went to Bandung zoo. The ticket price was only Rp 30.000. The animals collection there were very complete. In the next day, we went to geological museum and talked with the guide about geology. It made us understood about geology. we saw rocks collection there. After that, I went to Bandung bus station because we had to go home to Indaramayu. 
ReorientationMy holiday in Bandung was only two days but It made me happy. 

9. Contoh recount text liburan di rumah saja

My Holiday at home
Last holiday was my worst holiday because I did not go anywhere. I just stayed in my home.In the morning, I woke up and had a breakfast. After that, I played with my cat. In the afternoon, I had a lunch and after that I took a nap. In the evening. I watched untill I felt boring.My daily activities were like that during the holiday. So, I was sure last holiday was my worst holiday. 

10. Contoh recount text liburan di jakarta

A Beautiful Day at Jakarta

Last month, my familIy went to Jakarta. We visited many places there.

First, we visited we visited Ragunan Zoo. We saw many kinds of animals there such as lion, birds collection, butterfly collections, etc. We looked around in that Zoo, and also took pictures of those animals. Second, we visited Ancol Beach. The sun shone brightly and the scenery was very beautiful there. We felt the wind blew across to us. We also saw a lot of people in that beach. There werw many birds flew in the sky. Also, there were many sellers who sold many kinds of souvenirs. Then, we felt hungry, so we went to a restaurant. As soon as we finished our lunch, we decided to go home.

For me, that was a good moment because I could spend my time with my family. We really enjoyed it.

11. Contoh recount text liburan sambil berkemah

Went Camping

Last sunday, my friends and I went camping on the mountain. We went to Palutungan, Kuningan. The spot was near from our town. It was about one hour to get there. We choose Palutungan because it was not too far from our home.

We prepared everything before went to Palutungan. We brought cooking utensils and the food from home, clothes, camera, guitar, etc. We went there by motorcycles.

On the first day, we sat up the tent on the camping area. The air was so fresh there. We took a bath on the waterfall. The waterfall was called curug Putri. After played at waterfall, we felt hungry. Then, we cooked the food for the lunch and had lunch together. The first night of our camping, the air was so cold, we made a campfire, sang songs together and after we slept. We used sleeping bag when we slept to make our body still in warm condition.

On the second day, we had some activities. We, tried to go fishing in the river near the waterfall but we got a shoe. After that, we packed everything we bought. we cleaned the area 

We made a memory by taking photos together in front of a waterfall and then went home happily. We felt very tired.

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Sekian artikel tentang contoh recount text (recount text example). artikel ini diharapkan bisa membantu anda dalam belajar bahasa Inggris atau mengerjakan tugas khususnya bab recount text. Mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan dan mohon koreksinya. Thank you.

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